IH Young Environmentalists Round 3!

16 Sep - 10 Oct 2021
14:00 to 15:00

The IH Young Environmentalists Project has now run twice, engaging groups of students across the IH network and producing videos and resources for teachers. To see what some have produced see here.

We will be starting Round 3 of the initiative, to run from October to December 2021. 

Student Feedback

We thought students would do something valuable for the environment. They told us that they:

  • changed their own behaviour in a more environmentally-conscious way
  • made new friends from different cultures and countries 
  • used English outside the classroom in a meaningful manner.
  • learnt useful IT skills (even including simple but important skills such as uploading files to a cloud) and some of them even discovered new talents such as creating songs, lyrics, videos and learning editing skills. 
  • developed skills in teamwork, problem solving, perseverance, creativity, critical thinking and self-management.

Ideas for groups

As before, students can decide what to do themselves, But we have some ideas for groups that people may want to join:

  • Record a video message to send to world leaders. Inspired by the UN Climate Change Conference we'd like to hear the voices of students around the world. What would you ask the world's leaders if you could? What would you tell them if you could? 
  • Get super involved with the 40,000 km walk project, and use the opportunity of the young environmentalists projects to engage with schools around the world, and get more ideas to motivate your own local school communities. 
  • In the last Young Environmentalists round, some students started an Instagram account. A new group could continue this. 
  • We'd love some students to start a Tik-Toc account! Calling all interested Tik-Tockers!

Deadline - Friday 8th Oct

If you know you'd like your school to be involved, with either these ideas or others, please mail Beccy at beccy.wigglesworth@ihworld.com

Please tell us whether you are interested by  8th October. I know that not all groups will have started by this time, so final numbers can be confirmed later, but this is for an early interest.