IH YL Seminar - Creating the Best Learning Opportunities for YLs

29 March 2019

On the 29th March, we will hold our second Young Learner online seminar day with the theme of Creating the Best Learning Opportunities for your YLs.

There will be six practical sessions, each accompanied by detailed notes meaning you can deliver each as CPD in your own schools.

Accompanying these seminars, Xana de Nagy (IHWO YL Coordinator) will present the results of some recent research in:

  • Recruitment -  the skills and background which are general characteristics of the best YL teachers
  • Survival and Specialist Training - the most important CPD topics for YL teachers 

(Data is from a survey conducted in February 2019 amongst the experts in teaching Young Learners across the IH network.) There will be a written report and an indication as to future plans IHWO could take to support CPD for YL teachers.

10:00-10.20 GMT

Creating the best learning opportunities for YLs

Xana de Nagy – IHWO YL Advisor

A short summary of our recent survey

10:30-10:50 GMT

The Parent and Teacher Negotiator

Chiara Passantino IH Palermo Language Centre

The Parent Teacher Negotiator plays a key role of the YL team in our school. It consists in liaising and mediating between the school and the YLs’ parents. In this presentation we are going to give a brief overview of the PTN duties and we will also show our YL care system in the form of the students’ profiles. 



Classroom Management - getting everyone on the same page from the get-go

Diana England IH Torres Vedras and Lisbon

Love it or loathe it, classroom management is a key part of any YL teacher’s role in the classroom. In this session, we’ll explore some key principles of effective classroom management.



Substituting, Supplementing and Manipulating the Coursebook 

Davie Devine IH Sofia

A look at how we can motivate learners while still following the course book syllabus, including ways to get learners out of their seats and moving around, motivating learners to read and listen, and how to create products from course material that learners can be proud of. 

13:30 – 13:50


Growth Mindset: Empowering our students to achieve

Rachel Pearson  IH Cordoba

Science is constantly informing our knowledge about the best ways to learn and the psychology of learning but these often take time to be implemented in the classroom. Although the world of EFL is often at the forefront of educational methodology, this seminar aims to help provoke your teachers into thinking about the best ways to approach both teaching and learning - especially across mixed ability classrooms (no man left behind!). It may even help administrators in your school work towards building a Growth Mindset school. Using the work of Carol Dweck as a springboard, we will look at some truths about the brain and the powerful messages Growth Mindset researchers have given us.

14:00 – 14: 20


Tricks up your sleeve: Consolidation Activities for YLs 

Glenn Standish  IH Torun

This session is aimed at newly qualified or inexperienced YL teachers who find themselves having to teach a class of kids and not knowing what on earth to do! CELTA does not prepare you to teach YLs and often teachers end up teaching a room full of children. One of the best things to do at first is to build a bank of activities to help consolidate language. This session will help give you some simple activities that you can reuse again and again. They will literally be 'tricks up your sleeve'!

14: 30 – 14:50


Every Little Helps: YLE Practice

Anka Zapart BKC IH Moscow

Or a bag of different activities that can be used in (almost) every lesson to help the students prepare for their Starters, Movers and Flyers (inspired by TESCO:-)

Event details 

The webinars will be hosted on Adobe Connect here >>

Please see here for instructions of how to join and take part in these online workshops. Recordings will be available afterwards for IH members.