IH Torun Online Teacher Training Day

7 November 2020

The world has changed a lot since IH Torun was about to host the annual IH TORUŃ TEACHER TRAINING DAY conference back in March.
Literally, the day it was meant to take place Toruń became a ghost town as everybody was forced into lockdown. Fast forward several months later and we are now living in a very different world full of change. So this year the IH TORUŃ TEACHER TRAINING DAY will also change and will now take place entirely ONLINE from the comfort of your own home.
This year, they have a really exciting line-up of presenters for you including:
  •  Scott Thornbury, 
  • Carol Read, 
  • Adrian Underhill, 
  • Jill Hadfield, 
  • John Hughes, 
  • Antonia Clare, 
  • Andrew Walkley, 
  • Anna Hasper, 
  • Chris Roland,
  • Vincent Smidowicz, 
  • Christopher Walker,
  • Jen Dobson,
  • Antoine Marcq, 
  • Rob Howard,
  • Magdalena Dygala,
  • Sandy Millin,
  • Edyta Pikulska  
  • and many more!
The event is completely free for all IH teachers. Simply sign up here.