IH Study Abroad Online Workshops – October 2020

12-13 October 2020

Following the success of the previous four IH Study Abroad Online Workshops which took place in June and July, International House World Organisation has the pleasure of hosting two more very special IH Study Abroad Online Workshops for agents in October. 

From Young Learner programmes to Language Plus courses we are excited about the options IH can offer you and your clients. IH schools are now teaching both live online lessons and safely managed face-to-face classes. Whether your clients choose to study live and online or travel for the face-to-face experience they will benefit from the same high quality learning.

These workshops will provide an invaluable opportunity to discuss our plans – and the challenges we all face – together as partners.  

When will it take place ?

The workshops will take place online on:

- Monday 12th October from 12:00 to 14:30 pm UK time

- Tuesday 13th October from 16:00 to 18:30 pm UK time

How will the workshops work online? 

The workshops will be held in the same style as a face-to-face workshop event. Agents can book appointments with schools and will move from one virtual table to another. The event will be hosted on a platform called Remo. 

The event will take place over two days and IH schools will be present on the two dates. So as an agent, you can choose to attend on one date, or both dates, if you want to meet with all our International House schools.

How to book

To book agents will simply need to apply thorough these links:

12th October click here https://studytravel.network/conferences/599
13th October click here https://studytravel.network/conferences/600

Agents can decide to attend one or both workshop days.

Online Workshop 

You can meet with representatives from the following IH schools : 

Please remember, you can attend both days if you want to meet all of the schools listed above. 

Thank you to our partners Guard.me

Thank you to Study Travel for their support