IH School Collaboration: Super Hosts Challenge!

School groups meet virtually
2-10 October 2021

SIgn-up below to give your students the opportunity to get together with their peers in different IH schools.

  • Benefits for IH schools - Prestige to offer international opportunities to your students,
  • Benefits for IH students - An opportunity to interact with people from other countries (which they may never travel to) in a meaningful way, using language in a truly authentic setting. 

IHWO will  facilitate different schools bringing their students together, but the specific logistics will be managed by the schools participating. For queries please mail info@ihworld.com

Superhosts Challenge - Virtual City Tours!

Join us on our quest to find the most welcoming group of students!

Students will give a Zoom virtual tour of their city/town to "foreign visitors". This must include places/facts that are only known to locals.

They will swap and repeat with other groups, and rate each other. A winner will be announced at the end!”

Which Students?

  • Learners of all languages enrolled at IH schools
  • Teenagers (minimum age 13)
  • Adults
  • B1 and above

(We will match groups by the languages they are learning - i.e. we will match learners of Italian together. learners of English together, etc.  We will also match adults together, and teenagers groups together.)

Details of the Virtual City Tours Challenge

  • Students will give a zoom virtual tour of their city/town to "foreign visitors" (who are a student group from another IH school)
  • A group of 6 (max) of your students will meet with a similar group in another IH school for about 1.5 hours, on zoom 
  • They first give their tour, then swap and listen to the tour from the other group.  The tour should include places/facts that are only known to locals.
  • Your group will repeat this to a different group from two or three other schools - on a different day.
  • All groups rate the tour they received (via surveymonkey), and a winner will be announced at the end! (For fun!)
  • Duration of each tour should be 30 mins + Q&A 
  • The whole challenge can happen over two or three week
  • At the Event!
  • Greet the other group the best you can.
  • Take them on your virtual tour and be ready to answer any questions they may have.
  • Listen carefully to the other group’s presentation and ask lots of questions.
  • Thank each other (and suggest you to keep in touch)!
  • Groups swap, and the "tour guides" then become the "visitors"
  • After the event, groups can go to a survey monkey to write a review for your hosts (give stars and say why). (We'll send the link when we tell you groups.) We'll announce the winners on September 3rd!

Each group will score their hosts, and the winner will be announced at the end. It's just for fun, there are no prizes. (The voting will be amongst all groups taking part in this round of events (not just the two or three other schools you are paired with).)

When will this run?

  • These events should take place between October 2021 and December 2021
  • Deciding when to give your tours will be up to those schools involved to discuss.
  • You need to have completed all the meetings by the end of December 2021, as we will announce the winners In January 2020!

What are the benefits for Students?

  • Practise their English with their peers in a context of authentic communication,
  • Get a better understanding of the world
  • Work together in a team and develop team and project skills
  • Practise presentation skills and adapting presentations to different audiences (they should take into consideration their ‘guests’ culture).

How many schools (ideally) will collaborate?

  • Ideally, we will match up project groups of three schools.  This means each group will deliver their tour twice.

What is the commitment needed from each school taking part?

  • You need to have at least one group of 6 students, and a teacher needs to work with them to plan their tour. If you want to use your lesson time, or extra time to prepare the "virtual tour", that is up to the school. How you do this (slides, video, etc) is up to each group.
  • A teacher will be needed on the day of the “Virtual Tour” to be in the zoom room to help manage the event.
  • A coordinator will be needed to liaise with the paired schools over dates and times.

Existing experience running these events?

This is a new idea, the brainchild of IH Milan. However a similar event between IH Bucharest and IH Dublin was very successful.