IH School Collaboration: Modern Languages Conversation Club & Social

School groups meet virtually
2-10 October 2021

Projects to give your students the opportunity to get together with their peers in different IH schools.

  • Benefits for IH schools - Prestige to offer international opportunities to your students,
  • Benefits for IH students - An opportunity to interact with people from other countries (which they may never travel to) in a meaningful way, using language in a truly authentic setting. 

IHWO will  facilitate different schools bringing their students together, but the specific logistics will be managed by the schools participating. For queries please mail info@ihworld.com

Modern Languages Conversation Club & Social 

  • For your students studying Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic and Russian.

  • Social activity for students to discuss varied current topics for an hour, with peers in different countries and schools.

  • We suggest this happens around. 6-7 pm local time (we'll try to match schools in suitable time zones), although it will be up to the schools to decide the times themselves.

Which Students?

  • Learners of Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, 
  • Young adults (over 18)
  • Students with at least A2 level are welcome

Usually events are exclusively for IH students. However, if schools collaborating agree, specific events can be offered as a marketing taster session for agents and external students to showcase the experience that a student could expect to find in an IH school. If you are willing to do this, please indicate in the sign-up form.

Details of the "Modern Languages Conversation Club & Social"

  • We will match schools with students studying the chosen target language.
  • One teach from each school will lead a session. They are given freedom to suggest the topics they want to lead. Desert Islands; where will we travel when we can?; team problem solving etc.
  • Teacher welcomes everyone and introduces a topic via a shared photo / slide ( eg. A desert island and elicits where this is.)
  • Teacher elicits discussions (e.g. What things would be useful to have on a desert island? Students could be asked to get an item from their own house that they would like to have with them on a desert island.
  • Lesson continues like this giving plenty of opportunity for break out room discussion.
  • Each session is capped at 30 students, but additional teachers / teaching assistants / social activities staff can also be involved to maintain a 1 teacher to 30 students ratio

When will this run?

  • It's up to each set of schools to decide the best evenings to run this event (you can indicate below)
  • This round of school groupings should take place between October 2021 and December 2021
  • (Schools may want to continue after this, or sign up to be paired with new schools. A follow on round of pairings will be offered in September) 

What are the benefits for Students?

  • Promote spoken fluency in social context
  • Facilitate social interaction in a multi-lingual and multi-national environment
  • Deepens the students’ cultural understanding
  • Provide fun and entertainment

How many schools (ideally) will collaborate?

  • Ideally, we will match up project groups of four of five schools (although this may be smaller for some languages)
  • We'll try to make sure you are in near-ish time zones. 

What is the commitment needed from each school taking part?

  • Each school should lead 4 sessions over the period Oct-Dec
  • A teacher from the school must plan and deliver the session.
  • Somebody in the school needs to be responsible for agreeing the schedule with their matched schools, and communicating this to their own students and giving them the access details. 

Schools need to be responsible for making sure no under 18s sign up to these events

Existing experience running these events?

Some schools have been collaborating for English conversation clubs, and this is now being extended for other language learners, 

milar time zones, and take into account any particular constraints you have. Just tell us below.