IH at the 2019 IATEFL International Conference

1-5 April 2019

Every year, around 3,000 ELT professionals from more than 100 countries meet for a 4-day programme of around 500 talks, workshops and forums, as well as a vibrant social programme. We are proud to announce the list of 16 speakers from around the International House network! 

IHWO will be at Stand 24. If you are attending the conference, do come and say hello and we will update you on all the news from our network of 160 schools in 53 countries. 

Here is the list of IH speakers:

Tuesday 2nd April

Time Room Title Speaker IH School
10:40 17 Creating a culture of feedback Lucie Cotterill IH Reggio Calabria

Speak for IH! Lucie Cotterill will be presenting for IHWO at IATEFL. 

Lucie is Educational Projects Director at IH British School Reggio Calabria, where she’s been working for the past 16 years.  During her time at the school, she has undertaken various roles such as teacher, trainer and Director of Studies. In her current role, she is responsible for various projects such as the setting up of EL courses and training in local state schools, kindergartens and other institutions, assisting in the development of Cambridge International courses (IGCSE) in local secondary schools, organising the annual conference for local teachers, teaching, teacher training and managing the process of recruiting new teachers.  In recent years, she has become particularly interested in the topic of feedback and how it can improve the performance not just of individuals but of organisations as a whole. 

Wednesday 3rd April

Time Room Title Speaker IH School
10:20 11b How do experienced teachers deal with emergent language? Danny Norrington-Davies & Nick Andon IH London & King's College
11:05 17 The intricacies of giving and receiving feedback Choreanne Frei IH Zurich-Baden
11:05 3a The glass ceiling: helping advanced learners break through Steve Oakes IH Budapest
12:05 18 In-service lesson observation feedback: 3 tips in 3 videos Natalia Gonzalez Brandi  IH Buenos Aires
15:00  Hotel Suite 3 Dangerous minds: addressing the prism of disappointment Joanna Stansfield & Marie Willoughby IH London
15:30 10 Advanced teaching skills or chasing a wild haggis Tatiana Polovinkina IH BKC Moscow
16:00 14 ESL on the carpet: teaching English to very young learners Anka Zapart IH BKC Moscow
16:45 11a Making the young learner session on Cambridge CELTA courses meaningful Sinem Daridere IH Izmir

Speak for IH!  Anka Zapart will be presenting for IHWO at IATEFL. 

Anka, Senior ADOS for VYL and YL at BKC-IH Moscow, Teacher Trainer for IH VYL course and IHCYLT course. Anka has been teaching for 15+ years in Poland, the UK, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Russia. Her professional interests include second language acquisition in preschoolers in instructed settings, assessment for VYL and YL, literacy in the early years, CLIL and material development. 

Thursday 4th April

Time Room Title Speaker IH School
10:20 Hotel Suite 3 What if we took away input? Melissa Lamb IH London
11:05 10 Something old, something new: patterns in language David Connolly IH BKC Moscow
11:05 Hotel Suite 3 Examining the impact of a low-level of teacher L2 proficiency Sandy Millin IH Bydgoszcz
14:20 17 Insights from psychology: add positive energy to your language Maria Molashenko IH BKC Moscow

Friday 5th April 

Time Room Title Speaker IH School
10:20 17 Systematic professional development for senior educational staff Olga Connolly IH BKC Moscow
11:05 18 The lexical notebook as a gateway to autonomous learning Andrea Borsato IH London
12:05 4a Teaching English to older learners: Who? Why? How? Jennifer Holden IH Palermo - Language Centre

Speak for IH! Jennifer Holden will be presenting for IHWO at IATEFL.

Jenny is DoS and Head of Teacher Training at IH Palermo Language Centre. She has been teaching since 2008, working with International House in Portugal, Thailand, and now Italy. Whilst once specialising in YLs, she now has a keen interest in teaching older learners.