High Impact Skills for the Future

11 May 2021

On May 11th at 15:15 (CEST)  join the free live event High Impact Skills for the Future - Implementing a system for student and staff development organised by Giga - International House Catania.

We are living in a fast changing world and we need to make sure that we adapt our teaching and learning practices so that we are able to support our students efficiently for what seems to be a more and more unpredictable future. Language classroom is an ideal place to introduce changes which will help students gain language knowledge and master competencies which will help them become the kind of people they would like to be. 

Many of us, however, are still unsure about how to introduce these positive changes in an efficient way and so that they have a clear impact on our students' learning.

This webinar will cover some key questions. Are we ready to adapt our assessment techniques so we go we go beyond language learning? Do we have a clear picture of the 21st century life skills and their importance in a language classroom? Are we able to define and develop them with young learners, teens and adults? To what extent are our teachers ready to teach life skills and have they developed sufficient knowledge to be able to do that with confidence? If all of these aspects are important, have we adapted our school system so that these changes are noticed by the students and understood by the admin staff? What is the role of coaching in all of that and what is its specific role in education nowadays? Are we ready to take on new challenges and learn about the positive changes it can have on ourselves as individuals and our school staff ?

Key insights of the webinar include:

  • Psychometrics in coaching: using a personal styles assessment to develop soft skills that matter
    to student achievement, wellbeing and communication competency.
    Presented by: Lyn Dale - Senior Assessment Manager for CPSQ Cambridge Assessment English
  • Making sense of how we develop life competencies through ELT.
    Presented by: Jasmin Silver - Language Research Manager - Cambridge University Press
  • Implementing 21st century skills in our school context and the role of a teacher-coach.
    Presented by: Marta Brzoska - Director of Studies at Giga International House - CELTA Tutor
  • Coaching, and its central role within this educational revolution.
    Presented by: Loraine Kennedy - Executive and life coach.

Moderated by:
Palmina La Rosa: Director Giga International House and Trainer CTD - Coaching, Training &
**Don't miss her important announcement!

Join this free webinar on the 11th of May to learn about how to implement a system which will
help the students reach their full potential.

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