Get more clients through Google searches

14 April 2021
14:00 to 15:00

Join this talk where Jack Kelly gives straightforward practical advice about how IH schools can make their websites work better for them.  14th April 2pm UK time, 3pm CET.

This 45-minute webinar will discuss ways to generate local, national and international clients, and provide you with a series of simple tasks and exercises that every school can  - and should - be doing in order to bring in more clients via Google. 

This includes

  • Your website content – headers and menu items
  • Online reputation
  • What local links and online citations will give you
  • Whether to consider google ads

This is aimed at non teccys, and ideal for those who don't want to hire external experts!

The zoom link will be mailed to IH members before the event (there is no need to register). 

Jack Kelly

Once an IH English teacher (including at IH Seville) and Director of Studies, Jack now helps local businesses such as language academies to increase their online visibility and manage their digital reputation. You can reach Jack via his website