25°International Seminar for Language Teachers

13 April 2019

Since 1989 Dilit International House has been organising a seminar for language teachers coming from all over Europe. Most of the participants are teachers of Italian but there is also a good number of teachers of other languages; English, French, German, Spanish and Danish.

The seminar consists of a series of workshops held in parallel, prepared and presented by a team of Dilit International House teachers. Amongst other things, audio and video recordings of students in class are presented and analysed together with the participants. Guest speakers, experts in the field of language learning, are also present.

This year the theme of the seminar, which will be held at the Dilit International House school in Via Marghera on the 13th April, is Senza Parole! The focus will be on oral production and more specifically on how to improve accuracy and fluency. More than 100 teachers coming from various countries in Europe are taking part and, as always, they will play an active role and get the chance to put into practice the activities proposed..