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IH Xi’an

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The City

Xi’an lies about 1200 kilometres south of Beijing in the province Shaanxi. With a population today of eight million, Xi’an is considered as a large city. Even by the Chinese! But with the historical buildings, the close alleys and the city-wall from the 14th Century, which is the most completely preserved in China, it still appears like a small town.

The School

IH Xi’an lies in the centre of Xi’an scarcely off-site the southern city wall and the school was created particularly for foreigners, who want to learn Chinese where it is spoken firsthand. And especially for those who would like to learn a language not just by studying vocabularies!

The Courses

Our language courses have only 4 to 8 participants and a guarantee that offers many communicative situations during the course. And that promotes an inspiring class atmosphere and a rapid learning progress. We use only Native speakers for our students.

Accommodation & Services

The school provides completely furnished flats within proximity of the school. Accommodation can be booked either alone or to be shared with other students from the school.