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International House News

Join us in May for online webinars and the IH Teachers’ Online Conference!

April 26 2017

Friday 19th May - The IH Teachers' Online Conference – IH TOC9!

Our online conference will take place from 09.30 GMT to 18.00 GMT and this year we will have three concurrent conference spaces.

In one room, the focus will be teaching English and we will hear from over 20 speakers from a range of International House schools focusing on specific aspects of teaching English in short talks ranging from 10 - 30 minutes.  We will also have two plenaries given by Lindsay Clandfield and Vanessa Reis Esteves brought to you in conjunction with ETpedia.  

In the other two conference rooms the focus is Languages Other Than English (LOTE) and there will be talks in Italian, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and French.  We are hoping to provide a unique and dynamic conference and are really looking forward to you joining us and our speakers at IHTOC9.

To find out more and to see the conference schedule visit - . You can find a link to the google doc conference schedule on page 5 of this document.

There is no need to sign up, just click on the link for the room in the programme on page 5 when you’re ready to join us or use the links below. You may need to download Adobe Connect software. 




LOTE Room 1:


LOTE Room 2:


The conference is free and open to everyone so please do join us and feel free to share the information with your ELT friends and colleagues. 

We look forward to seeing you online!


Online Workshops held in May 

In the first three weeks of May, International House World Organisation hosted 3 live online workshops for teachers on the following topics. 


Friday 5th May - Presenters: Giovanni Licata and Norman Cain

How many different colours has your flag? Is your classroom LGBTQ-inclusive or censored by your choice of material?

Much coursebook material is 'universal' to accommodate 'all' students. In this talk we question the underlying morality that permeates political correctness in teaching material and how many "othernesses" are not dealt with.


Monday 8th May - Presenter: Diana England

‘Fun’ and ‘enjoyment’: the same thing, right? Wrong!

“Anyone got something fun I can do with my teens class?”

“The students had a lot of fun today”

“I see myself as a fun teacher”

Call me grumpy and old-fashioned, but I am slightly wary if I hear these types of comments in our teacher’s room or when I’m interviewing prospective teachers for our school. 

This session explores the lure and dangers of the superficial fun factor, and argues that teachers should instead ensure their students gain a deeper sense of enjoyment from their lessons and language learning.  We shall look at some differences between ‘fun’ and ‘enjoyment’, both theoretical and practical, and explore ways that we, as teacher developers, may encourage teachers to include activities and approaches which go beyond ‘fun’ in their lessons.


Monday 15th May - Presenter: Caroline Fonseca

It’s never too late to change your mind!

The concept of a fixed versus a growth mindset has been gaining popularity in educational circles. Based on psychologist Carol Dweck’s research the session will look at the differences between the two mindsets and how academic achievement can be positively or negatively affected. We will then see how her findings can be applied to teaching.